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Chosen Ministries is a ministry created by Tony and Sydney Kell. The heart of Chosen Ministries is to empower and encourage other married couples and parents to apply the Word of God to their lives & within their families.


Through Chosen Ministries you can find Chosen Kids, an educational Christian Youtube channel for children as well as podcast and biblical teaching videos for adults! The biggest prayer of this ministry is for families to have Jesus apart of their lives in every area.


Chosen Kids is a Christian Youtube channel for babies and toddlers, created by parents!


Our mission is to fill homes with safe videos centered around, Jesus Christ! Our videos are packed with songs, education and adventure!

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The Chosen Ministries 

The Chosen Ministries podcast is available on apple, Spotify and visually on Youtube! Join us as we dive into podcast series topics that are sure to grow your faith in God, inspire you and give you the tools to live your life victoriously!

Your support will help us gather the right tools to create our videos and further the gospel. We hope to make this ministry a source of income for our family, so we can have more time to create videos more frequently. We know the Lord has bigger plans for this channel than we know or can imagine, and we believe God will provide no matter what! We do not expect anyone to give, and it does not affect whether or not we will continue to make videos.

We are very grateful for those who have felt in their heart to give and help equip us financially to provide the tools and resources necessary to grow and further this channel! We love this community and are grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for your generosity!

Support the Ministry

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